Hydrogeology is the area of geology that deals with the distribution and movement of groundwater in the soil and rocks of the Earth's crust (commonly in aquifers). The terms groundwater hydrology, geohydrology, and hydrogeology are often used interchangeably.

Hydrogeology is an interdisciplinary subject; it can be hard to account completely for the concoction, physical, organic and even legitimate cooperations between soil, water, nature and society. The investigation of the collaboration between groundwater development and geography can be very mind boggling. Groundwater does not generally take after the surface geography; groundwater takes after weight angles (spill out of high strain to low), regularly through breaks and courses in meandering ways. Considering the interaction of the distinctive aspects of a multi-part framework frequently requires learning in a few assorted fields at both the test and hypothetical levels. The accompanying is a more conventional prologue to the techniques and classification of immersed subsurface hydrology.

  • Groundwater hydrology
  • Geohydrology
  • Hydrodynamic dispersion
  • Molecular diffusion
  • Retardation by adsorption
  • Groundwater flow equation

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