Soil Microbiology

Soil science is a radiant culture media for the extension and advancement of grouped microorganisms. The soil is related idle static material, however, a medium beating with life. Soil at present is accepted to be a dynamic or living framework containing numerous particular groups of microorganisms and among them like parasites, actinomycetes, protozoa and infections square measure the principal fundamental. Micro-organisms make a truly little portion of the dirt mass and involve a volume of yet one-hundredth. Inside the higher layer of soil, the microbial population is high to a great degree that reduces the profundity of soil. Each creature or a gaggle of life forms square measure responsible for a chose correction or change inside the dirt. The respective session of this Microbiology Conference will focus on Maintenance of biological equilibrium, minimization of pollutants in agricultural soil by microbes, biofertilizers and biopesticides and related such areas which will bring forward the importance of soil microbiology

Microbes also play a key role in the nitrogen cycle. Bacteria in the soil convert atmospheric nitrogen into nitrates in the soil. Nitrates are an essential plant nutrient – they need the nitrogen for proteins - and the plants themselves provide food for livestock and other animals. The nitrogen locked in plant and animal proteins is then degraded into nitrates by microbes and eventually converted back into nitrogen by denitrifying bacteria. Compost heaps are a fantastic example of how effectively microbes break down organic matter. The mixture of garden weed, grass clippings and mouldy fruit and veg is decomposed rapidly by fungi and bacteria into carbon dioxide and plant compost containing nourishing nitrates and nitrites. Without the recycling power of microbes dead vegetation, carcasses and food waste would start piling up around us! In the UK 6.7 million tonnes of food waste is thrown away every year. Imagine what would happen to the Earth if this waste just sat there and wasn’t degraded


  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Biological Control of Soil Inhabiting plant pathogens
  • Approaches to Studying the Soil Biota
  • Management of soil organisms and their processes
  • Minimization of pollutants in agricultural soil by microbes
  • Bio-engineering soil sustainability
  • Dynamics of Soil flora and fauna
  • Microbes cope in nutrient deficient soil
  • Biochemical processes
  • Soil microbes Actinomycetes, Algae, Bacteria, Bacteriophages, Cyanobacteria, Fungi, Mycoviruses and Protozoa
  • Composition regulation
  • Harmful and unhelpful microbes
  • Symobiotic microorganisms
  • Weathering of rocks
  • Spermosphere
  • Carbon fixation
  • Soil microbes and plant growth
  • Soil microbes and soil structure
  • Soil microbes and organic matter decomposition
  • Soil microbes and Humus formation
  • Soil microbes in cycling of elements
  • Influences on soil microbiota / Microbiology
  • Distribution of Soil Biota
  • Metabolic Physiology of Soil Microorganisms
  • Ecology of the Soil Biota and their Function
  • Plant-Soil Biota Interactions

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